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Sheridan is an award-winning photographer based in Wyoming and serving clients worldwide.

About Sheridan

So I took a little break from my regular Stitch Fix shipments. I’d accumulated a pretty well rounded wardrobe for summer and, while I could’ve started requesting fall items, I don’t have the patience to hang something up in my closet and not wear it for 6 weeks while the weather here in Michigan decides which season it wants to be.


Kallie has been my stylist every fix and she finds the best stuff every time.

Stitch Fix Unboxing

Have I mentioned before how FUN the whole element of surprise thing is with each Stitch Fix box?! It’s like opening a birthday present as often as you’d like throughout the year. On a random Tuesday. Or Thursday.

I never know what order to post these in. I couldn’t pick a favorite from this box if I tried so…in completely random order…

Alice Blue Toma Floral Print Short-Sleeve Blouse

Alice Blue Toma Floral Print Short-Sleeve Blouse

This was the one item that I wasn’t sure I’d like when I peeked and pretended to “check out” before my box arrived. A little trick that takes a bit of the surprise factor away but I have zero patience when it comes to these things and the 2-3 days of waiting when I know it’s on it’s way is just too much. As it turns out, I love this top JUST as much as the kimono and the luc dress from this fix. Which is saying a lot.

Alice Blue Toma Floral Print Blouse Mavi Jeans Toms BootiesIMG_7945web

Stitch Fix Mavi Sonja Boyfriend Jean

Mavi Sonja Boyfriend Jeans

While these don’t really fit like a true boyfriend jean fit I LOVE the wash and ultimately decided to keep them. I was torn because the fit is quite similar to the jeans I already have. The cost to keep them was only $66 and actually ultimately they were free because I’d won the $250 #stitchfixfriday contest for September. Have I mentioned that here?? So basically if you post a photo of you in your Stitch Fix stuff on Friday’s with the hashtag #stitchfixfriday, they select 1 winner each month and you get $250 in Stitch Fix credit. I’m posting in a ridiculous backwards order here on the blog because I’m still trying to squeeze it in between work and family and haven’t quite figured out the work/family/blogging balance but I’ll for sure post pics of my last fix, including the one that somehow won the sweet $250 prize. So check back.

Back to this fix…and what I will refer to as my Stitch Fix “unicorn”.

Stitch Fix Freeway Luc Dress

Freeway Luc Dress

I’d pinned this dress months ago and hoped to get it for a trip to California this past summer. The stinker of the deal is they sent me the dress, right before my trip, but it was too small. : ( At the time they didn’t have a medium available for exchange. Problem is, at this point I’d seen the dress in person and knew for SURE that I would love it if only it were the right size. So I re-pinned it so it’d be way up top on my pinterest board and I specifically requested it by name in my note to stylist before this fix. Lo and behold, Kallie was able to find it for me in a medium and now I can’t wait to wear it on my NEXT trip to California. In the meantime I’m trying to figure out the right shoes/boots to wear it with to pull it off in fall weather here at home. It’s been quite warm this past week so I was able to pair it with my favorite red sandals both times that I’ve worn it so far. Yes I realize it’s only been a week and yes I’ve worn it twice. It’s super comfy and it has pockets so don’t judge. : )

I’m not crazy about it with the Hunter boots and it got a big no from the hubby. Granted he hates my Hunters and doesn’t really think they look good with anything. But in this case I kinda agree with him. They’re too bulky for the dress and I dunno, the dress might be a tad long to wear with tall boots. Based on some advice from the Stitch Fix facebook group I think I’m going to look for some less bulky riding boots and/or try it with the TOMs booties that I’m wearing in the photos of the floral top and jeans. Gotta find the right pair of tights to pull of that look but that might be my fall option for this dress. I’m certainly not packing it away in a suitcase just yet.

IMG_7716webStitch Fix Freeway Luc Dress Hunter Boots

Full disclosure, I also had the hubby take pics of this dress with my grey chucks and that combo did not make the blog cut. I had high hopes for it but alas, it was not a good look at all.

Stitch Fix Octavia Beau Fringe Infinity Scarf

Octavia Beau Fringe Infinity Scarf

You may have noticed the cozy yellow scarf in the photo of the Luc dress with my Hunter boots. I’ve worn it with that dress as well as the floral top since that conveniently has yellow flowers. I loved that it’s not super bulky. I feel like I must have a shorter neck than normal because some scarves feel like they’re going to swallow my head. This one, thankfully, did not.

And last, but most certainly not least…

Stitch Fix Papermoon Sachs Kimono

Papermoon Sachs Kimono

The tags came off this pretty much immediately. I wore it to run a couple errands the night my box arrived. I wore it to the coffee shop the next day. And I wore it on Saturday for an afternoon hanging out with friends at a grilled cheese competition and art prizing (another blog post coming about those). But basically I decided that this qualifies as “outerwear” thus making it acceptable to wear multiple days in a row provided I have a fresh clean pair of jeans and t-shirt to wear it with each time. Right?! I think so. : )

Stitch Fix Papermoon Sachs Kimono

Cute kiddo borrowed from my friend Janelle. <3

IMG_3172webStitch Fix Papermoon Sachs Kimono Apple Watch Boho Style

I’ve got another box coming next Thursday and this time requested easy to pack items that are cool enough to wear in New York City. I’ve still got credits to spend and I’ve pinned some really fun stuff so I’m excited to see what she sends! : )


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