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Sheridan is an award-winning photographer based in Wyoming and serving clients worldwide.

About Sheridan

Still recovering from wedding expenses this month so I can’t keep all 5. Probably should’ve skipped a month so I wouldn’t be tortured trying to decide what to send back. 😐

Stitch Fix Woburn Popover Top

Stitch Fix Woburn Popover Top

THML Woburn Embroidered Popover Top

Pretty sure this was my favorite item from my fix this month. Unfortunately they were unable to find a medium to exchange before I had to checkout so I ended up passing this along to someone who fell in love with it when I posted photos in the Stitch Fix B/S/T group on facebook. I’ll be requesting this top along with the skirt that they paired with it on the Stitch Fix blog for my next fix. This time in a medium. *crossing fingers* my stylist can find one.

Verdict: LOVED but need to size up.

Milagra Ribbon Top & Teal Maxi

Stitch Fix Milagra Ribbon Tank

Pixley Milagra Ribbon Strap Blouse

This top I loved way more than I expected to. Totally not colors I’d have picked for myself but it did look crazy cute with white jeans and it kinda feels like it was made for my favorite brown eyed fox necklace. It was a tad big though and I seriously bought too many peonies to keep more than 2 things. I feel like I’m gonna wish I kept this.

Verdict: Loved but did not keep due to fit

Loveappella Leanne Maxi Skirt in teal

The teal green maxi skirt was somehow shorter than I’d have liked it to be which seems crazy since I’m only 5’4″. It was super comfortable but because of the length it was the easiest of the items to part with.

Just for fun I paired the teal skirt with a couple of my favorite simple tanks and my Noonday Collection dainty paper bead necklace. I also loved how the teal color worked with one of my favorite tees from Sevenly.

Loveappella Leanne Maxi Skirt

Verdict: Did not keep – tad too short and just not my fav color

Alessandra Striped & Colorblocked Blouse

Alessandra Striped Colorblock Blouse

Market & Spruce Alessandra Striped & Colorblocked Blouse

This is another one of those items I didn’t expect to like much at all but kinda loved it once I tried it on. Feels a little “me in like 5 years” more so than right now. Feels a little grown-up and I like to pretend that I’m not sometimes. Super cute though and I loved the combo of the black/white stripes on the front paired with the navy on the back. Unexpected combo and I dig that kind of thing. I’m certain if I’d had a few more referral credits to spend (or I hadn’t just spent my month’s clothing allowance on peonies) this would be hanging as an option in my closet for those occasions where I maybe need to dress a bit more sophisticated but still stylish. Probably would’ve been perfect for the next trip with Mr. Handsome. More than a few friends expressed their disappointment that I was even considering not keeping this one but alas, it’s now hanging in the closet of a fellow stitch fix fan.

Verdict: Loved but sold to someone who loved it just a little bit more.

Pixley Messi Lattice Neckline Knit Top

Pixley Messi Lattice Neckline Knit Top in black

I’d pinned this one and specifically requested it. I was actually hoping for either the grey or white version but am so glad I ended up getting the black in this fix. It looks very chic with the Kut from the Kloth Catherine boyfriend jeans that I’d gotten in a previous fix. And it’s a great option with a pair of shorts I’d picked up recently at the Loft 50% off sale. Not crazy about how it looked with the striped skirt (also from Loft) but I love that I can try things on with items from my own closet rather than standing in a dressing room trying to think through what I might have to pair things with at home.

Black Messi Lattice Top

Verdict: Kept!

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