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Sheridan is an award-winning photographer based in Wyoming and serving clients worldwide.

About Sheridan

Listening to // It’s wedding month so this song has been on repeat and I’m not even a little bit sick of hearing it.

This is the first song in the 4 years that Chris and I have been together that felt completely perfectly “us”.


We don’t need calligraphy to write a fancy story
Kings and Queens would turn to thieves to find what we’ve been holding
You and Me…We can take the world

Cause they can write stories, they can sing songs
but they don’t make fairy tales sweeter than ours
They can climb mountains…high into the sky
But they can’t take the world
Oh…Like we can take the world

Oh I can see the future you and me we last forever
In the rising tide…no fear or fight that we can’t face together
Darling You and Me…We can take the world

Receiving // Fun mail. RSVP’s with sweet little notes from friends excited to celebrate with us on our big day. And packages filled with Anthropologie goodness from friends who unfortunately aren’t able to make it.

RSVP Wedding MailAnthropologie Registry Gifts

Diffusing // Bergamot &  Orange. Few drops of each. Smells like a creamsicle. Like summertime. So so yummy!

Creamsicle Diffusing Blend

Relaxing // Afternoons at the pool. Last year Mr. Handsome decided to sign up for a pool membership at our local country club. Best decision ever. It’s been so great having a place to hang out with the kids during summer break. Afternoon breaks at the pool sometimes means working the evening shift which is super tolerable when the evening office view looks like this. Last year we spent tons of time out on this deck. Eating dinner out here. Lunches. Playing cards. Hanging out with friends. This summer so far has been too too busy with wedding planning and work but hopefully we’ll get to spend more time out here after our big summer events.

Country Club Pool Snow ConesPatio Office

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