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Sheridan is an award-winning photographer based in Wyoming and serving clients worldwide.

About Sheridan

On our second day in Seattle we went for a hike with the other pilot (and Chris’ close friend) and his wife (also a close friend). This is the first trip since Eric started working with Chris that Lisa and I were both able to tag along on the same trip. On our first trip there Chris and I hiked Tiger Mountain and it was one of the things that I fell in love with about the area. One of the many things. We decided to check out a different area this time so we headed up to the Talapus Lake/Snoqualmie Falls area.


We met a seasoned hiker at the trail head and spent much of the hike walking and chatting with him about his time serving in the Navy in Afghanistan and life since. All while getting a great workout and seeing beautiful water falls and winding back and forth up the mountainsides.

TalapusLakeHikeTalapusLakeHike2We stopped for lunch on the way back to the hotel at the North Bend Bar & Grill. Decent food and great location just off the highway nestled between two mountain ridges.

After resting for a bit at the hotel Chris & I met up with his nieces for dinner. Actually, coffee at a cute coffee shop first. (Thank you google maps for the coolness of “see inside”)

Zeitgeist Coffee Seattle



Actually, before meeting up with Kelli & Annie I convinced Mr. Handsome to take outfit of the day pics. I have this little trick (although he’s totally onto it by now) but I have him stand in so I can get the camera settings right and in order to do so I snap a few test shots of him. Usually making ridiculous faces or posing as if I’ll be submitting the photos to GQ.


Softened white button-up blouse | the LOFT (similar)

Abstract Riviera Shorts in sweetheart pink – the LOFT

sandals | Target – similar here, even cuter style here

earrings | Nickel & Suede

IMG_4067 copy


Off to dinner at Bar Sajor. Kelli’s husband is a chef so she always has the BEST restaurant suggestions when we’re in town. Great food. Great atmosphere. Oodles of character at every restaurant she’s ever suggested.

IMG_4068 copy


The space was amazing. Every nook and cranny of it. I wish I’d taken more photos. You’ll just have to scroll through the ones at their website to see all the charm that I failed to capture while there. Chris and I shared this asparagus dish and the naturally leavened bread with cultured butter & flake salt was to die for. All bread should be served with cultured butter & flake salt. : )

IMG_4124 copy


Little Eleanor is clearly a chef’s daughter with a well-developed palate for adventurous foods at the age of FOUR. She breezed through the first plate of oysters and had to order seconds. Crazy kiddo. I completely adore her and wish she didn’t live so far far away.


IMG_4152 copy

After dinner we wandered to another restaurant that one of Kelli and Toby’s close friends had just opened a week or so before. Even though we’d just eaten Chris had to try the congee (a rice porridge dish that has been popular in Southeast Asia for thousands of years) and plans to go back for more next time he’s in town. I would go back for the ube cheesecake. If you google ube and click on images you’ll find pages and pages full of the prettiest color purple ever. Apparently it’s a purple yam that Filipinos (like my friend Ria) have been keeping a secret from the rest of us. I want to grow some on our deck just to make purple cupcakes.


Is that not the prettiest cheesecake that you’ve ever seen?! I do believe it was also the tastiest I’ve ever eaten. So so good! If you’re in Seattle definitely check out Kraken Congee.

In case you missed it, check out the Weekend in Seattle – Day 1 post here.

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