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Sheridan is an award-winning photographer based in Wyoming and serving clients worldwide.

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Each box is like Christmas. The surprise factor with Stitch Fix is half the fun I think.


Street Level | Anchorage Diamond Printed Tote

Favorite item from this fix. I’d requested this tote and was thrilled to see that Kallie was able to find one for me. It’s perfect for stashing whatever knitting project I’m currently working on for ball games or road trips. I love that there are 3 sections so that it’s not just one bottomless pit.

Verdict: Kept and LOVE



Olive & Oak | Mulliken Raglan Striped Knit Shirt

This is another item I’d been requesting after seeing it pop up on pinterest a few times. I knew it’d be so cute with the hadley moto jacket that I’d gotten in my last fix. This shirt is SO soft and comfortable. I love the fun combination of colors. The touch of orange. The variation of stripes. The slightly longer hem in the back.

Verdict: kept



Level 99 | Cayden Skinny Jean

I LOVED how these felt. I loved the fit through the waist, hips and through the legs but the length just felt off to me. I think they’re supposed to be a cropped or ankle length and I get that typically that means it should hit just above the ankle. I’m not sure if it’s my height that makes that unflattering on me? If I cuffed them the length was do-able but I don’t think they’re intended to be cuffed. And uncuffed they just looked like I was waiting for a flood. Or like I’d just hit a growth spurt and out-grew them. Softest jeans I’ve ever worn though. They’d have been crazy comfortable.

Verdict: sold these on the B/S/T page to keep the 25% discount on the rest


Both pics: Pixley Hadley Moto Jacket from previous fix

On the left: Level 99 Cayden Skinny Jeans, Olive & Oak Mulliken Raglan Striped Knit shirt and grey converse

On the right: Kut from the Kloth Catherine Boyfriend jeans from previous fix, Honey Punch Seaside Mix Material top and french blue Avarca Pons shoes.


Honey Punch | Seaside Mix Material Top

I wasn’t sure about this one until I tried it on with the hadley moto jacket. I checked to see if they had a small available to exchange because I think it’s just a bit boxy looking on me in the medium. The jacket fixes that issue totally but I think I’d wear it more on it’s own if they’d had it available in a small. I still loved it enough to keep. It’s a great option for just everyday spring, summer and into fall. I love the longer back. I love the whole mix material thing. And most of all I love the vibrant shade of orange in the pattern on the back. So fun.

Verdict: kept




Brixon Ivy | Easton Scallop Trim Blouse

This last item I never got a chance to photograph. I have a black pencil skirt that I planned on pairing it with but no shoes that I loved with it. I couldn’t quite part with it though. It hung in my closet, with tags on, for about a month before I finally decided to sell to someone in the B/S/T group who might have the perfect shoes to wear with it. It got snatched up super quickly and I kinda wish it were still mine. I just don’t know if I’d have paired it with jeans (as suggested as one of the options on the style card) and I don’t dress up in pencil skirts and heels often enough to really “need” another dressy top. Ultimately I kinda put it in the same category as the 41 Hawthorne Filbert Popover top that I’d gotten in my first fix and between the two I figured I’d reach for the navy/white popover blouse more.

Verdict: kept but later sold

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