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Sheridan is an award-winning photographer based in Wyoming and serving clients worldwide.

About Sheridan

I had the amazing opportunity to join Mr. Handsome on a work trip to Queretaro, Mexico. Ordinarily Chris books the hotels (typically at a Hilton property and always amazing) but this time he had me research options for our stay. I was a bit nervous having only expedia and trip advisor reviews and no Hilton or Marriott name to ensure a certain level of cleanliness and comfort that we’re rather accustomed to. But this trip was to be a bit of an adventure. We literally boarded the plan with no idea if the city we were visiting would be one that we could wander safely or if we’d be wise to spend all of our time in the hotel. Which made it even more important to find a great “home base” for our stay.

Meson de Santa Rosa Mirror Walkway

We ended up booking a room at the Mesón de Santa Rosa Luxury Hotel. From the moment we turned down the tree lined street that leads to the hotel I felt like we’d be spending the next few days living inside of a fairytale. The staff was lovely and so helpful as they got our luggage whisked off through the beautiful courtyard and up to our 2nd floor room. And by room, I mean suite. It’s the biggest hotel room I’ve ever stayed in. With the highest of ceilings and the most charming shuttered windows and doors.

Meson de Santa Rosa SuiteMeson de Santa RosaMeson de Santa Rosa Suite

And as if the room weren’t amazing enough, with it’s perfect furnishings and plush purple rug, the beautiful shuttered doors led to a balcony that overlooked the courtyard with a tree filled with hanging lanterns. It couldn’t possibly have been more charming. Sitting on this balcony felt like you were dropped right into a Disney fairytale scene. It was surreal.

Balcony Meson de Santa RosaMeson de Santa Rosa Balcony View

The bathroom was equally beautiful (and enormous). With skylights, a vessel sink and a built in wardrobe that filled an entire wall. And the plushest of bath towels and luxury robes.

Meson de Santa Rosa Bathroom SinkMeson de Santa Rosa BathrromMeson de Santa Rosa Toiletries

And then there’s the pool…

Meson de Santa Rosa Pool

Those stairs in the photo above go up to our suite. And see the gorgeous purple tile? It’s like a 6′ section of the pool that’s the perfect depth to just sit in the sun and stay refreshed. Never seen anything like it and it’s GENIUS. If I ever put in a backyard pool someday (which won’t likely happen…we had one growing up and vacuuming a pool all summer is just not my idea of a relaxing summer break) but if we did, it’d definitely have a 6′ pretty tiled 2″ deep section. Is that not brilliant?!  The photo below (on the right) was our view of the pool area from the balcony entrance to our room. *paradise*

Meson de Santa Rosa Poolside

There’s Mr. Handsome sitting in the beautiful hotel library looking up directions to the restaurant we were heading to for dinner that night. And the photo on the right is the tree filled with lanterns that hung just off our back balcony. I’m pretty sure that lantern filled tree was my favorite part of the hotel. Although it’s SO hard to choose.

Queretaro-6266-web2upMeson de Santa Rosa Dining

The hotel also has this gorgeous open-air dining area but there were so many great restaurants within walking distance that we somehow never got a chance to have dinner at the hotel. Next time. 🙂

We did stop quite regularly at the crepe shop that was connected/just outside the hotel entrance. It was open late and despite the language barrier I was able to perfect a copy-cat version of my favorite Starbucks smoothie.

fresa y plátano con té verde = strawberry banana with green tea

3 years of Spanish and, besides counting to 100, that’s about the extent of what I remember.

Mizha Crepe

We ate at so many great restaurants while in Queretaro. I’ll be sharing our favorites in the next “Weekend in Queretaro” post.

But I would highly recommend Meson de Santa Rosa (and Mizha Crepe). It’s impossible to even capture in photos how amazing this place was. I hope to make it back again very soon.

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