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Sheridan is an award-winning photographer based in Wyoming and serving clients worldwide.

About Sheridan

Here goes nothin’. I’ve decided once again to jump in on the project life project for 2014. Generally I only make it a couple months in before life gets in the way of documenting it. I think I’ve got a system that’ll make the process of collecting moments for each week much simpler so I’m hopeful this year I’ll be able to make it through the whole year. I miss having scrapbooks to look back through terribly and I’ve been in need of a creative outlet (other than what I do for work).

My goal is to use Dropbox to collect the photos for each week. I can upload favorites from my iPhone pics as I take them so that they’re easily accessible on my Mac Book. And I hope to take more pics with my Canon Rebel, which I’ve been uploading favorites from that to Dropbox for posting to places like instagram now and then anyway. So I figure since I’ve been using this Dropbox process anyway it should work well for grabbing photos for each week’s page(s). In the past the biggest part of the project was sorting through photos in various spots (usually weeks after they’d been taken) and trying to organize them into which week they were part of, let alone what day. Drove me nuts.

I’ve also decided that this album is going to be from my perspective vs. a “family” perspective. That was a tough decision but one made a bit more clear to me with this first week of 2014. The kids were in South Dakota for their second week of Christmas break so, if I did an album purely from a family perspective, it would’ve been a rather blank page for week 1. There will be many weeks where the photos will be nearly entirely kid-related (less coffee shops and food) and some weeks filled with pics of trips with mr. handsome. But every now and then there will be weeks where the kids are here a bit less (or busy with less photographable events), and mr. handsome may be off on a trip for work, and the only things I’ll have to document are pretty coffee and a knitting project. This first page is a perfect example of what one of those quieter weeks looks like.
Project Life Week 1

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